Emergency Care

    Our medical and technical staff has more than 36 years in combined experience handling emergency
    animal care.



From the simple to complex, our staff is trained to handle all emergency situations and to treat our patients in the most caring and professional way.


If surgery is the necessary option, our doctors and technicians are prepared to perform the needed procedures that would be in the best interest of the patient. We also provide the referring veterinarian with any information relative to the pets surgery.

Lab Work

Our state of the art in house lab provides the necessary information to our doctors in order to analyze our patients fast and accurately, in just a few minutes.

Intensive Care

We have capabilities to provide critically ill patients with intensive care modules that include Thermal Support, oxygen therapy, as well as monitoring SPo2 and Pulse ox.

Diagnostic Imaging


Color Doppler and Power Doppler ultrasound is available for immediate imaging acquisition on request.


X-ray system is a bench mark for diagnostic imaging technology, capable to perform studies to the most demanding patients, providing excellent images.


As an Emergency Clinic, our pharmacy is fully stock and ready to serve the needs of our patients